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Amazon Jungle Spirit

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July of 2003, Spain. As the evening sun descended towards the Andalusian hills, my companion told me about an Amazon shamanic plant medicine, infused with dimethyltryptamine (DMT), which was said to be The Doorway into The Spirit World. This was my first time hearing the name Ayahuasca, and I immediately felt myself being pulled towards the Jungle. Two months later, I flew with a one-way ticket to South America. If Ayahuasca was in fact this Doorway, I felt called to pass through it, with the hopes of finding something on the other side, which would ultimately awaken my consciousness to the existence of my Soul. I hoped to experience something, which would finally plant the seeds of faith, into my very being.

 Amazon Jungle Spirit 

Amazon Jungle Spirit describes my initiation into the world of Amazon shamanism and Ayahuasca, The Spirit Vine, Ancestral Vine, or Vine of The Dead. These events, from the summer of 2005, in the Peruvian Upper Amazon, marked the beginning of an ongoing apprenticeship, in this infinitely abstract and complex field of medicine.

I celebrated my first Ayahuasca ceremonies at a peaceful Shipibo community on Lake Cashibococha, guided by Don Antonio Muñoz of the Shipibo tribe, and his Californian apprentice, Michael, also known as Doctor Telepathy. I found myself profoundly moved by seemingly miraculous experiences with The Medicine, and the shamanic tradition it belongs to, and decided to  explore further into this new world.

Maestro Antonio and I traveled by boat, to a remote Shipibo community on the Upper Ucayali River, where he introduced me to a shaman colleague of his, Don Carlos Perez. After traversing deeper into the world of Ayahuasca, with these native shamans, I crossed over the Ucayali River with Don Carlos, to live on his isolated property surrounded by the raw Jungle. Here, I entered into my first traditional Amazon shamanic plant medicine Dieta, with Ajo Sacha, one of the many Master Plants found in the Jungle, for a period of one month. The effects of The Diet were truly remarkable, as it presented me with a number of incredibly beautiful, luminous gifts. These gifts, combined with my profound experiences with Ayahuasca, finally began to open my mind and heart, to the existence of a magical, unseen facet of reality, The Spirit World. And finally, I began to believe, that I too, am undoubtedly a part of this world.

Thank you, sincerely, for joining me into the heart and soul of the Amazon Jungle.

Jay R. Narayan